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There are many reasons why you should choose TPK. For 30 years, we have been producing superior insulation for industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings.

We consider ourselves a high-end manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of services, both as a supplier of TPK sandwich panels and trapezoidal steel sheets.

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Wall steel sandwich panel with basalt rock wool insulation with concealed fasteners


  • Hight density basalt rock wool core provides excellent thermal insulation for buildings
  • Non-flammable. Panels BASALT Plus can be used in projects which require above-standard fire protection ratings. High quality panels BASALT Plus meet to EI 180 fire standard resistance according to BS EN 13501-2
  • Concealed fastener panels are installed with screws that are attached behind the face of the panel.  Joints between the panels are hidden from sight, it improves the esthetic value of buildings.
  • Outer polymer coating guarantee long lasting protection of metal and impeccable building exterior